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Ian Trousdell

Creative Director






Design For Life Company Limited

C/- DFL Administration,
PO Box 7211,
Taradale 4141,
New Zealand

Our business developed from a cottage industry owned and operated by NZ designer Ian Trousdell. Ian studied from 1976 until 1979 under John Wilkes, the inventor of Flowforms eco-technology.


Over 20 years  many colleagues helped Ian in the development and production of Flowforms in New Zealand for the South Pacific region.


The business restructured in 2002 with a staged investment plan and a new vision to develop a global export business spear headed by the development of the Flowforms brand.


Since then Design for Life has actioned a global business plan for Flowform technology and art, and is ready to launch Flowform International Corporation with investment.


A Talented and Experienced Team


We have an international team whose skills include model and pattern makers, artists, designers, scientists, engineers and business people.


Because we understand every step, from conceptual design to production we can be involved at any stage of your water project.