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FLOWFORM eco-technology



The leading aim of Design for Life is to help the world be a better place. We choose to do this through our business, a vehicle of ethical change.


For over 35 years we have worked with innovative and proven methods to increase water's capacity to support life.



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The planet is dying around us. Global Warming and Global Thirst are already here.


This is the only planet we have. We have to wake up rapidly to help it and all life, including humanity and its culture.

Design for Life is playing its part.



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 Design for Life developed ROKISA while searching for a way to bring beautiful lightweight stone Flowform products to the world.


ROKISA has taken on a development life of its own, and is a fascinating and valuable  new method, a unique technical breakthrough.



business_process_flow.pngDesign for Life Co. Ltd is a New Zealand entrepreneurial company presently developing two businesses based on proprietary technologies.



Our main focus is on improving water quality using FLOWFORM eco-technology and art, which is a breakthrough water enlivening invention discovered by John Wilkes in 1970 and scientifically proven to help water support life.


In a time when water is under great duress, this technology is a new paradigm for working in harmony with nature. Flowform cascades use nature's own highly effective methods enabling water to do more, in this time when good quality water is becoming a more and more valuable resource.


We have a worldwide network of colleagues in commerce and not-for-profit, all working to help water support life through project installation, research, design and education. We call this international endeavour 'Healing Water'.


In the last seven years we have attracted over NZ$1,900,000 of investment to scale up Flowform business worldwide, with capacity to supply high volume, high quality product.


Design for Life is ready to activate its global growth strategy through Flowform International Corporation, a marketing and licensing company for Flowform products worldwide, with resellers in Europe, Americas and Asia.


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Our second business, in an embryonic stage, is based on our ROKISA hollow composite rotational casting system.


This creates hollow product which is all in one seamless 3D piece, requiring no assembly joining after production.


This is an exciting breakthrough for the international composite industry with the advantages of


  • faster manufacturing capacity
  • less waste and reduced staged processes
  • capacity to create complicated shapes and details
  • creating surface colour finishes integral to the product
  • possible elimination of applied surface coatings
  • use of varied materials including sands and plaster of Paris
  • ability to replace solid concrete castings for many products
  • significant production cost savings

For more information visit: www.rokisa.co